Project Description

Combining two proven deterrents – forensic traceability and vision-obscuring security fog

The SmartWater® Fog Cannon is the ultimate solution for securing your premises.

Security fog is an artificial, harmless, dense white fog which can cover large areas such as a retail outlet or warehouse. Combining this technology with the forensic traceability of SmartWater provides a highly effective method for crime prevention and detection.

Criminals are literally carrying evidence on themselves that will prove their guilt. That’s why criminals fear SmartWater Fog Cannon and will actively avoid anywhere where this unique solution is displayed.

  • SmartWater forensic spray covers the offender in an invisible fingerprint that tags them and the stolen property back to the scene of the crime
  • SmartWater will glow brightly under UV blacklight and this is how it is detected by the police
  • Security fog immediately stops the burglar as he loses his bearings in just seconds and flees the way he got in
  • Protect every entry point with the Smartwater Fog Cannon and the thief will be tagged as soon as he comes in contact with the system



Photo of an offender marked with SmartWater taken under natural light (left) and under UV blacklight (right).