1100 white_222pixPROTECT 600i™ -
Our best seller.
Fits most spaces


Model 600i is a classic in security fog protection. The capacity of PROTECT 600i is appropriate for most offices and small shops.

Like its little brother FOQUS, the 600i model is often used to protect parts of a larger space (point protection). The 600i model effectively covers offices, shops and private residences with average room sizes, immediately stopping burglars in their tracks.

The 600i model is often used to protect computers, jewellery, watches, eyewear, perfume
and hi-fi equipment.


Important facts about PROTECT 600i™:

  • Discharges 700 m3 of fog at full speed in 60 seconds
  • Now with a Turbo function which makes it possible to get impressing 600 m3 in just 30 seconds!
  • Pulse function for up to 9 min. (effective maintenance of the fog provides protection over a longer period of time).
  • The 600i model offers three settings (290-700 m3) to provide flexible adjustment to fit the size of the space.
  • Energy efficient: Uses only 5-10 Watt (after warming up 60 Watt).
  • Dimensions: L: 475, W: 332, H: 154 mm.
  • Fluid and fluid containers: PROTECT 600 uses XTRA+ fog fluid, which produces a completely dry and dense white fog. The fluid container is the same as in FOQUS and PROTECT 1100i.
  • Materials: Anti-sabotage impact-resistant steel.
  • Colour: White and black.
  • Panic button activation

Eng.PROTECT 600i, like our other models, is developed and manufactured in Denmark, and the well-known technology and high quality is exactly the same as in the other PROTECT Fog Cannons.

Our fog cannons have many common features

With four Fog Cannon in our product programme, we have made it simple to choose the right Fog Cannon/smoke cannon for your needs. It is really only the 'motor' size that varies.

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