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Protect your shop and Pharmacy with a Fog Cannon Security system



Fog Cannon Security systems have been protecting corner shops, national chains  and well known high street pharmacy's, bookies, newsagents and off-licenses for many years with total success.


We have vast experience in knowing how the burglar thinks and what access points he is likely to break-in through. That's why we ensure that all your easy access points, back doors and windows, are covered by our Fog Cannon Security system


We guarentee that burglars will try to escape as soon as a Fog Cannon is activated.   This is why we always recommend that you fully protect your entire shop by filling the whole space with fog when a burglary takes place.


That is the best way to ensure that the burglar cannot see any of your stock - what they can't see they can't steal.


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Ask your alarm installer for our Fog Cannon Security System.

Testimonials from shops that use security fog protection:

Matas "It really adds up. Burglaries often also mean operating losses for us because we don't have the products in the shops that our customers are looking for. Our investment in a fog cannon has therefore more than paid for itself after stopping just one burglary."
Marianne Gernyx Sejbak, Head of Security, Matas - chain of drugstores.
Profil Optik The Profil Optik optician chain considered rolling security shutters and has even placed large boulders in front of some of its shops to deter ram raids. The rolling security shutters looked terrible with the rest of the shop's tasteful interior design. And in the staff's experience, the larger the boulders they placed in front of a shop, the larger the vehicles burglars would use to try to gain access. The solution was security fog protection.

"We can already see that security fog protection keeps burglars away from the Profil Optik shops."
Jørgen Zangenberg, Head of Security, Profil Optik - chain of opticians
Telekæden Three burglaries every year in the same shop culminated in a variety of security solutions at the mobile phone chain Telekæden. But nothing could stop the burglary attempts until the security fog protection warning signs were put up.

"The signs turned out to have a preventive effect, and the burglary attempts suddenly stopped when the fog cannon and signs were set up."
Helge Lund, Telekæden - chain of tele communication equipment
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Did you know that fog security is used against robberies and mugging?

High-risk shops as kiosks, petrol stations, banks and jewellery shops release the fog security by pressing the panic button. The robber loses his bearings and runs away.

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