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Losing IT equipment, furniture and other fittings is always inconvenient and distressing for any company. But the worst thing you can lose is data, which is vital for the company's existence.

A computer can be replaced the day after a burglary, but you can't just replace its content. It is often much more important to protect intellectual property with fog than the actual hardware.

Fog cannons can protect everything from sand mixtures to designer products

Denmark's largest supplier of glass sand, Dansand, has successfully  protected their customers' unique sand mixtures with PROTECT security fog protection since 2001.

BellXpress, which produces designer products under the JACOB JENSEN label, protects its expensive and desirable prototypes with fog.

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Read here what well-known companies say about security fog protection in offices and conference rooms:

Danske Fragtmænd "The conference rooms at the distribution company Danske Fragtmænd in Aarhus have security fog protection because it works - and it's much cheaper than all the expenses resulting from a single break-in."

Peter Jepsen, Managing Director, Danske Fragtmænd Logistics (The largest transport company in Denmark)
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Bell Xpress

In response to a spell of burglaries, Bell Xpress had fog cannons installed, which effectively put a stop to the break-ins.

"The fog stopped the burglars before they could take anything of value. So the company can now concentrate on its products and exports."

Bo Frandsen, Managing Director, BellXpress - manufacturer of JACOB JENSEN designer products
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Akva Waterbeds Waterbed manufacturer replaced unsightly fence with fog cannons.

"We highly recommend this solution. It works and we like not being shut up behind a tall fence."

Henrik Brunsø Former Director



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