Femilet - hidden (2)The worst thing to lose is irreplaceable items of great sentimental value

Special and expensive objects like art, jewellery, furniture and hi-fi systems are often protected with fog in private homes. But it is also becoming more common to protect cash, key boxes and gun safes with this somewhat unique but effective type of burglary protection.

The photo shows how a fog cannon can be discretely hidden inside a wardrobe behind the wall. Only the small hole reveals that there is security fog protection in the home.

On the right you can download articles about security fog protection in private homes and summer homes.

Below you can read about people's experiences and their considerations in connection with installing security fog protection in their own homes 

Head (...) As a result of this unwelcome experience, Torben Lunn supplemented the existing electronic alarm with a fog cannon, which has only been activated once - and which stopped the burglar. The burglar did not even have time to vandalise the house.

"The most important reason we chose security fog protection is that we wanted to avoid the discomfort of break-ins and vandalism. It's totally worth it."
Torben Lunn

Head (...) "We felt unsafe knowing that a bunch of people waited outside in the dark until we had gone to bed. The worst kind of break-in is when we are actually home. That's why we chose security fog protection for our house."

Since K had security fog protection installed, her family has been spared for break-ins.

K wishes to remain anonymous. PROTECT A/S knows K's true identity.  
Head "We just want peace and quiet. So after that experience, we augmented the alarm with fog cannons as well as fire alarms and smoke detectors. We also installed a personal attack alarm. But we just hope that we never need any of it."

J still thinks it is an advantage that the security guards lock up the house and check the grounds after a break-in. If the house is equipped with fog cannons, the guards also air out the rooms after a fog cannon has been activated.
J considers fog cannons to be the simplest type of alarm. After having them installed, her family has not had a single break-in.

J wishes to remain anonymous. PROTECT A/S knows J's true identity.
Head "We've worked hard all our lives, so we would be really upset to lose our nice furniture and things. That's why I began taking my jewellery and other things with me to work when I left the house. After installing security fog protection, I feel secure about leaving my things at home."

L prefers to remain anonymous. PROTECT A/S knows L's true identity.



Download articles about security fog protection in private homes and summer homes

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