All the large alarm installation contractors install PROTECT  

Today PROTECT A/S has the vast majority of the Danish alarm installation contractors as customers - approx. 320 of them. Our customer list includes installation companies such as G4S, Niscayah, Dansikring Direct and Telesikring.

Here you can read what some of them have to say about security fog protection from PROTECT A/S.


Niscayah Denmark is part of the Niscayah Group AB, which was established in 2008 and operates in 17 countries in Europe and the USA. Henrik Malberg, Head of Project at Niscayah, says:

"Security fog protection is clearly a solution we recommend to all businesses that are potential targets for burglary. Even though our guard patrols arrive on site in a very short period of time, a professional burglar can sometimes have enough time to complete his errand before the guards arrive. Security fog protection makes the burglar's work much more difficult. Many of our customers have experienced a significant reduction in number of burglaries. And if the burglar tries to break in anyway, he often leaves empty handed."

Niscayah's Head of Department says:

"Over the years we have developed a close professional relationship with PROTECT and consider them a highly competent partner that is always at the forefront with further developments of the security fog protection concept."

Niscayah har installeret Security fog protection hos bl.a. Profil OptikSecurity for Denmark's major drugstore chain, Matas, is in the hands of Niscayah. Most Matas shops in Denmark have security fog protection from PROTECT A/S.

The optician chain Profil Optik is also one of Niscayah's customers with security fog protection from PROTECT (photo features Per Stück, Key Account Manager from Niscayah, and Charlotte Stage, Shop Manager from Profil Optik in Vordingborg, Denmark).

Read more about security fog protection at Matas, Profil Optik and other users of security fog protection. Click here


Dansikring Direct

Brian Søncksen, Market Manager, says:

"We have tested the equipment on the market and found that PROTECT has the best fog cannons - both when it comes to the technology and the design! That is more than an important 'detail' for us. If our customers think the technology isn't good enough, then that makes us look bad. Now, when it comes to design, that is something people can always talk about. However, in a high-profile retail shop that needs security fog protection, when something is installed in the customer area, how it looks is highly relevant. That is why we also have high demands for the design of the machines."

Stefan Poulsen, Product Manager at Dansikring Direct explains here why it is so important to stop burglars within the first few seconds:

"It all goes very fast. From the moment the burglars breaks the door or window in, triggering the electronic alarm and the stolen goods are on their way away from the crime scene, only two or three minutes passes. Even though both security guards and the police register and are judged by their response times for activated alarms, it isn't possible to reach the scene as quickly as the burglar can rob the place."

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