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Hi-Fi Klubben. Security fog protectionWill the fog damage my equipment and fixtures?

No, the fog is completely harmless - even for IT equipment, hi-fi systems, eyewear, precious metals, clothing and fur. This has been documented by the Danish Technological Institute and through years of experience by users all over the world.

Photo: Security fog protection at the electronics chain Hi-Fi Klubben in Denmark. The fog cannon fits in well with the hi-fi systems.

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Is the fog harmful to humans or animals?

No, the dense fog is quite harmless. This has been documented by laboratories in Denmark and abroad, including by the Danish Technological Institute.

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How quickly do we need to air out?

If your fog cannon has been activated, you or your security company need to immediately begin airing out within one hour after discharge. PROTECT A/S cannot be held liable for any damage or inconvenience caused by the condensed fog fluid.

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Can't the burglar simply wait until the fog dissipates?

A fog cannon from PROTECT can be adjusted to discharge at intervals in order to maintain the fog level in a room. PROTECT has the market's longest dissipation time of up to one hour.

Furthermore, the fog cannon is activated every time the security/PIR sensor registers movement in the room. Consequently it does not help to wait until the fog dissipates.


What can I do to ensure that my employees don't accidentally activate the alarm?

The security fog protection is activated by the alarm system. However with a PROTECT Fog Cannon it is also technically possible to avoid unintended discharge. Ask your alarm installation contractor.

We always recommend that our alarm installation contractors demonstrate to the staff what to do in case of accidental activation.


Is there a risk that the fire brigade will turn up?

The fog looks like smoke, but when the system is activated, the control centre will be able to contact the fire authorities so that they do not turn up because a white 'smoke' is coming out of the building.

Please note that if someone makes a bona fide emergency call about a fire/smoke, and it turns out that it is security fog protection, the emergency services do not have the legal authority to send the owner of the security fog protection system a bill for the false alarm.


Can I install a security fog protection system when I already have a fire alarm system?

Yes, but your fire alarm system must be equipped with the correct sensors. Find out more from your alarm installation contractor.

Please note that the sprinkler system is normally not triggered by the security fog protection system.


What happens if a burglar cuts off the power?

A PROTECT Fog Cannon can also be activated even when the power to the building and the alarm system have been cut off. This is ensured by the built-in back-up battery, which keeps the fog cannon heated for up to three hours. This functionality gives you extra security.


How do I get rid of the fog again?

Even though the fog is so dense that you cannot see your hand in front of your face, when you air out it will be completely gone within about 20 min. with strong ventilation. Afterwards, there will be no more signs that the fog protection has been activated.

However, it is important ventilation begins within one hour of the alarm having activated the fog cannon at the latest.


When do I have to replace the fluid container?

Just like petrol in a car, it is important that there is always fog fluid in the fog cannon. Luckily, our fog cannon sends a signal to the control centre and makes a beeping sound in the room to let users know that it is time to replace the fluid.

Please note that PROTECT A/S is not responsible for any losses or damage as a result of low fluid levels.


Are there any requirements for security fog protection?

Yes. Some insurance companies all over the world require security fog protection in certain types of companies, such as jewellers and watchmakers. Insurance companies may also require security fog protection if you have repeatedly experienced burglaries.


What do I do if my room is too small or too big?

Security fog protection can be used in spaces of all sizes. Your alarm installation contractor can work with you to assess exactly what you should protect with fog. Then he will measure the space and determine which model you should use and how many you need.

If you have very high ceilings, we have a solution to this challenge. If you have a very small room, you should consider the FOQUS model. PROTECT has fog cannons for every need.


It is dangerous for the burglar?

Security fog protection has one simple and straightforward function - to cut off access to valuable property for more than an hour by rendering it invisible. A fog cannon will not catch a burglar in a building or cut off his escape route in any way. The objective is to confront burglars with the fog so that they immediately flee out the way they got in, thus avoiding lost valuables.


Does the fog smell?

PROTECT's has a faint scent of peppermint which disappears again as the fog dissipates. This means that the room can be used again immediately after ventilation.


Can a fog cannon provide protection from burglaries, robberies and assaults?

Yes, it can. PROTECT Fog Cannons are not only used to prevent break-ins and vandalism when authorised personnel have left the building. Fog security is also used to foil potential robbers. 
According to the worldwide standard for fog security a Fog Cannon can be used together with a panic button when robbers enter for example a shop.
Kiosks, fuel stations, jewellers' shops and banks all successfully use Fog Cannons activated
by a panic button to foil potential robbers.  


Can I install security fog protection as the only security system?

Security fog protection is a supplement to a standard alarm system, which is what gives the necessary signal that activates the fog cannon. The signal from the alarm system to the control centre also provides important information about, e.g., malfunction, low fluid levels and sabotage of the fog cannon. A fog cannon should therefore not be used on its own.


Can I adjust the fog cannon myself?

Possibly, but it is not permitted. First, you must be authorised to work with electrical installations. Second, the guarantee on the fog cannon becomes void if the installation is not carried out by an authorised alarm installation contractor. And third, expert knowledge is required to dimension, install and adjust the fog cannon. That is why you must use an alarm installation contractor who has been approved and trained by PROTECT A/S.


How do I decide how many fog cannons and which models I need?

Your alarm installation contractor measures the spaces you want to protect with fog. Based on these calculations and other observations, the contractor can quote you a price for a security fog protection system.


Is a fog cannon the same as a smoke cannon?

Yes, they are exactly the same. The word smoke cannon comes from smoke machine, which is used to make cool effects in theatres and at rock concerts. Even though none of these machines actually makes smoke, it looks like smoke. That is why many people refer to a fog cannon as a smoke cannon.


Is security fog protection expensive to operate?

No. A fog cannon from PROTECT does not consume more standby power than a standard light bulb. The combination of high reliability, a long service life and minimal maintenance makes a fog cannon very economical.
Our fluid containers are also refillable, which keeps the price of fluid down.

Finally, a fog cannon is so effective that your investment represents a savings in potentially lost earnings and higher insurance premiums.


Can't I just buy a cheap discount model over the Internet?

Probably, you should remember that they may give you a false sense of security? With security fog protection, as with many other things, there is a direct correlation between price and quality. The high-quality products from PROTECT, a wholly-owned Danish company, comply with all EU legislation for security fog protection. That is your guarantee that no one will come to harm during installation. It is also your guarantee that the fog cannon actually lives up to its claims.

Finally, you win in the long term with a fog cannon from PROTECT, which comes with proven high efficiency and a long service life. And if something should break, you can quickly obtain spare parts for your PROTECT fog cannon, which also comes with a guarantee of up to three years! PROTECT stands for quality and elegant design - and is very economical for our users.


Can't I just make do with an alarm system or surveillance cameras?

Sure, but if you do get uninvited guests, they will most likely still be able to run off with your valuables. Burglars know that nothing happens within the first 10-15 minutes, even if you have a burglar alarm. And if you have surveillance cameras, burglars can just cover their faces. With security fog protection, however, you stop the burglary before anything is stolen.


What is the fog content?

The fog is a dry fog produced by combining water and glycol, and then forcing the mixture through a heating element. This is the same principle as in smoke machines in the theatre and at clubs.


Can I hide the fog cannon?

Yes! Our fog cannons are prepared for hidden installation under the ceiling or behind a wall. Only a little hole is needed to allow the fog to pour out into the room.
If the fog cannon is placed in a space under the roof slope or in the attic, you need to make sure that it is dry and always has a temperature of above 5 degrees C.

And if the fog cannon cannot reach the ceiling or the wall, we have a special extension piece for the nozzle. Just ask your alarm installation contractor.

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