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Burglary protection with fog is not a new concept. The technology behind security fog protection is more than 50 years old.

We have all seen the smoke effects at discos and in the theatre. The fog or 'smoke' used for burglary protection is just as dry and harmless. Theatre smoke has been in use for more than 50 years, so the technology behind the fog cannon is tried and tested.

The UK was the birthplace of the so-called smoke cannon to combat burglary. In the UK, security fog protection has been used for 20 years. Today, security fog protection is now a common security system in the UK, generally recognised as the most effective means of combating burglaries.

Danish PROTECT, one of the largest and most experienced manufacturer of fog cannons in the world, is from 2001. Read more about PROTECT - click here

SupermarketThis is how a fog cannon works

The technology behind a fog cannon is simple: When the fluid is forced through a very hot heating element, it becomes a dry, white and very dense cloud.


The fog is dry and completely harmless

The fluid is a special mixture ratio of water and glycol, so the fog spreads throughout the entire space - high and low.

The fog does not leave any moisture and is completely harmless for humans, animals, electronics and fixtures. We recommend airing out the premises after the first time the fog cannon has been activated.

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Works with all types of alarm systems

A fog cannon is an accessory to an alarm system. Fog cannons from PROTECT are compatible with all alarm systems. When a burglar activates the alarm, it automatically activates one or more fog cannons.

PROTECTs Fog cannons passer til enhver tyverialarmThe intelligent fog cannon can be adjusted with different timings and to operate with or without a pulsing action (to maintain fog level) depending on the size of the space.

In this dense cloud, the burglar immediately becomes completely disoriented and escapes the way he got in.

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2 + 3* year's warranty 

You will get 2 + 3 years warranty on all our Fog Cannon sold after 1 July 2012 and which are registered on our website after your installation.

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Secured by Design

Secured by Design Accreditation

UK Secured by Design Accreditation means that PROTECT products meet the rigorous testing to become accredited with the UK Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) initiative SBD.