Technical trainingWe provide fog security training to the UK security sector

We regularly offer courses for new and existing installers. This is to ensure we retain a high quality of work and satisfaction amongst users of fog security. We have provided security fog protection training for over ten years to more than a thousand installers.


Our courses are of a technical nature and primarily targeted towards technicians, installation contractors and salespeople. However, we can adapt our courses to groups, such as heads of security in the public sector, security consultants, people from the insurance industry, the police and crime reduction agencies.

We regularly offer new as well as existing installers the opportunity to update their skills on our technical courses. These course dates will be advertised.


If you would like further information about our technical course please contact us on 0844 770 5461. 


The security fog protection course is a requirement

The technical course deals with, among other things, dimensioning, demonstration of fog cannons, installation, service, maintenance, rules and regulations and interaction with fire alarm systems.

To become a certified PROTECT installer, you have to attend our course. Our fog cannons are approved by the European EN Standard and that compliance requires us to put our installers into the classroom for a days training.


Praktisk testPractical and written tests - and many demonstrations

The EN standard requires that all participants must pass a practical and a written test. So during the course, you will have the opportunity to play around with the fog cannons.

You will, of course, also be subjected to the fog several times during the course!


High-quality security fog protection installation

Our  primary objective behind these courses is to ensure the quality of the installations for your customers. We want to avoid overdosing/condensation, fire alarms and false alarms. The more knowledge we can give to you our installers, the greater the chances that our common end customers will be satisfied.


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