quickguide_frontpageQuick Guide to fast and safe fog cannon installation

This guide, with the supplied diagram, will help you to get started quickly installing and adjusting PROTECT Fog Cannons.

The Quick Guide describes all inputs on a fog cannon. It tells you what to do and how to check that everything has been done correctly.

Note: The Quick Guide is not a substitute for the installation manual and the compulsory technical course.

Download PROTECT's Quick Guide to fog cannon installation. Click here


Installation manual for PROTECT Fog Cannons

For security reasons, we have chosen not to make our entire installation manual available on our website. We appreciate your understanding in this regard and hope that this could ultimately help avoid break-ins on your customers' premises.

The installation manual is supplied with every product. We recommend that you give the manual to your customer after installation and final testing. We also recommend that you always have a copy of our manual in the van to keep it close at hand when customers call.

If you need an extra manual or would like the manual in PDF format, please contact your PROTECT supplier.

Download the Trouble Shooter Guide

>>> What to do when it doesn't work. Click here

Security Fog Protection - FAQ

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If you do not find the answer to your question about security fog protection, please give us a call or send an email.


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