A good plan is a must for optimum security fog protection


In order to carry out dimensioning and give a quote on security fog protection, you need to draw up a plan: Are there parts of the space that need to be covered first, or is the entire room to be covered all at once?

Because we have four different fog cannons with their own individual strengths, and because no two rooms are the same, there are, of course, a wide range of possible variations with security fog protection. There may be tall shelves in one room and a safe in the corner in another. That is why dimensioning and quotes require individual assessment of each room. Which valuables should be covered first, and can the interior layout of the space help distribute the fog?

The two main principles for security fog protection are point protection and total protection/complete protection.


Point security with fog. Burglary protection of the most valuable itemsPoint protection: Immediate protection of the most valuable items

Point protection is the ultimate choice for immediate protection of the most valuable items. With point protection, crucial valuables are quickly covered in a dense, white veil of dry, harmless fog. Point protection is ideal when you want to cover parts of a space - such as cash boxes, jewellery displays, cigarettes and alcohol, the key box at an auto dealership etc.

Depending on the size of the room, everything will be covered within seconds. However, the most important items will be covered first.

Point security with fog. Burglary protection of the most valuable itemsMatas is a good example: The drugstore chain uses PROTECT security fog protection to cover the expensive perfumes, make-up and other beauty products behind the counter. Point security is used because it is not necessary to cover the cotton buds with fog.

Total protection/complete protection: Complete and total security fog protection

Total protection, also referred to as complete protection, is full security fog protection of a space or a building. Total protection can be achieved with one fog cannon or with several cannons of the same or varying sizes.

Full protection or total protection with one fog cannonTotal protection is used in all sectors and spaces, but especially in warehouses and office spaces, where the valuables are spread out throughout the space.

If there is a risk of ram raids or vandalism, then total protection with fog is a good idea to prevent uninvited guests from doing any harm.

Total protection with fog is possible even in the largest manufacturing halls and warehouses.

Datagraf is a good example. A huge 900 sq m factory building has been converted into one large Full protection or total protection with one fog cannonoffice environment. To effectively stop computer thieves, the hall was equipped with eight of the largest fog cannons from PROTECT.


Combination systems

The side effects of point protection are that the fog is dispersed to other parts of the space in seconds and, depending on the size of the space and the volume of the fog cannon, total protection of the entire space can be achieved!

If the space is too large for both point protection and total protection with one fog cannon, an additional fog cannon is often installed for complete protection. Combining both point protection and total protection creates the worst possible conditions for burglars.

Did you know that fog security is used against robberies and mugging?

High-risk shops as kiosks, petrol stations, banks and jewellery shops release the fog security by pressing the panic button. The robber loses his bearings and runs away.

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