Hoisting tool from PROTECT. For quick and safe fog cannon installationHoisting tool for faster and safer installation of fog cannons

The hoisting tool is temporarily attached to the fog cannon for ceiling installation. Using a winch and a rope, the fog cannon is slowly and safely hoisted into place. The hoisting tool cuts the time spent on ceiling installation in half.

The hoisting tool is an accessory which the alarm installation contractor can keep in the van and use over and over again. Despite the lower weight of the newest fog cannons, the hoisting tool still spares your back and ensures fast and effective installation. The hoisting tool makes installing a fog cannon in the ceiling a one-person job as well as cutting costs for the alarm installation company.


The Lindpro alarm installation company in Aarhus Denmark says:

"With the hoisting tool from PROTECT, we've cut the time spent on ceiling installations of fog cannons in half."

Watch the demo video of the hoisting tool on the right.

The hoisting tool combined with installations in lowered ceilings

The hoisting tool for ceiling installation can also be used for installations in lowered ceilings, for example with the fog cannon hanging from steel wires. As long as the little metal plate for installation in lowered ceilings is used, the hoisting tool can do all the hard work.

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Technical support

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