LagerHigh ceilings pose no problems for security fog protection

Warehouses and large office spaces often have high ceilings. Fast coverage with fog can be achieved to best effect with a lowered installation.

Floors, walls and fixtures all help to disperse the fog. When the fog is shot out under very high pressure and hits the floor, for example, it is spread out around the room. In spaces with high ceilings, it naturally takes longer for the fog to reach the floor. We have solved this problem with a simple metal plate.


Metal plate for high ceilings

The metal plate is used for, among other things, visible installations in spaces with high ceilings. By installing the fog cannon at a lower position, the fog fills the important areas up more quickly and distributes the fog around the room.

The metal plate is mounted behind the fog cannon with the accompanying screws. The metal plate is pre-drilled with holes for steel wires, special tape or 10 mm threaded bars.

Installation with the metal plate and threaded bars makes it possible for the fog cannon to hang securely without oscillating upon discharge. 

The metal plate is also good for hidden installations where the fog cannon must be installed precisely over a lowered ceiling at a specific height.

Watch the video on the right where the metal plate is used in combination with threaded bars.

>>> Note: Our hoisting tool is prepared for the metal plate. Read more about the hoisting tool and see it in action here.