Hidden security fog protection above the ceilingHidden fog cannons: Offer your customers invisible security fog protection


We have tailored the accessories for hidden installation of fog cannons.

If there is room for a fog cannon in the attic, the space under the roof slope, above a lowered ceiling, behind a wall or in a closet, you can achieve the discrete and minimalist solutions that are in demand today, especially in offices and private homes.

Only a small hole the size of a spot lamp is required for the fog to pass through and cover a space with dense, white 'smoke'. In fact, many alarm installation contractors use the ring from a spot lamp to finish the hole in the ceiling or wall.


Metal plate for hidden and invisible installations

The metal plate is mounted behind the fog cannon using the supplied screws. The metal plate is pre-drilled with holes for steel wires, special tape or 10 mm threaded bars, making it possible to install the fog cannon over a lowered ceiling at the exact height needed.

The metal plate is also used for visible installations in spaces with high ceilings, where the aim is a lower installation height in order for the fog cannon to fill the critical areas faster. Installation with the metal plate, for example in combination with threaded bars, makes it possible for the fog cannon to hang securely without oscillating upon discharge. 

Note: Our hoisting tool is prepared for the metal plate. Read more about the hoisting tool and see it in action here.


Extension piece for nozzle

In response to limitations and possibilities in the many locations where our fog cannons are installed, we have developed a 15 cm long extension piece for the nozzle. The extension piece provides greater flexibility in connection with hidden fog cannon installations.

Note: Only one extension piece can be used per fog cannon. The extension piece fits all PROTECT nozzles.

The nozzle can be replaced quickly and easily. Follow the guide. Click here

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Considerations regarding hidden installations

The customer may want to hide all electrical installations and wires in order to achieve as discrete and elegant a look as possible. Another good reason to do this, however, is to surprise burglars. The moment of surprise, with the bellowing fog cannon spitting out white fog, causes many burglars to flee right away.

On the other hand, it can also be a good idea to show your weapon to burglars, which is why many choose a visible solution. It is especially common in shops for burglars to canvass a potential target for burglary in the daytime and then strike at night. If they can see that security fog protection is installed, the shop owners have most likely spared themselves the cost and unpleasantness of a break-in.


Important things to note about hidden installations

It must, of course, be possible to access the fog cannon so that the fluid container can be replaced. And the temperature around the fog cannon must be at least 5°C to avoid condensation. Finally, it is important that there is a distance of at least 5 cm from the nozzle to the edge of the ceiling or wall.

Change the nozzle - quick and easy

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Technical support

If you have any questions about fog cannon installation, please contact our technical support on tel. 0844 770 5461.