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Being well-prepared is half the success when it comes landing orders. We don't just give you dry facts. You also get a recognised, recommended and approved security product.

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NOTE: The various types of fog cannons are often used in combination in order to achieve the best possible protection. 

PROTECT Product family Sep 2014Unique advantages of PROTECT Fog Cannons

For example, PROTECT is the only fog cannon on the market that releases fog at maximum power for up to one full minute.

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Choose the right fog cannon

Security fog protection is appropriate for spaces of all sizes. When choosing a fog cannon, it is a question of the number of rooms to be covered, where the valuables are located in the room and how quickly they are to be covered.
A combination of our four different models can be an excellent solution in many places.

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Fog fluid, nozzles, extension pieces and other accessories

XTRA+ is PROTECT's own fog fluid with the market's longest dissipation time of up to one hour. The fog is spread out by the four different nozzles. Each nozzle serves a special purpose. The nozzle can also be made longer with an extension piece for hidden installations. For hidden installations or installations in a lowered ceiling, it is necessary to use the simple metal plate that has been prepared for different installation solutions.

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The strobe light is for those customers who want to stress burglars even more

PROTECT Security Strobe - or strobe light - is a powerful, high-speed flashing light which, when combined with security fog protection, creates utter chaos, completely disorienting burglars. A strobe light, like a fog cannon, is a highly effective addition to any security system.

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What does a service check on a PROTECT Fog Cannon include

A service check extends the life of the fog cannon. And with a good product, you get satisfied customers! We recommend that your customers conclude a service agreement with you on security fog protection.

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ZOLO GSM Security SystemZOLO, the first GSM alarm system which can control a fog cannon wirelessly

NEW! The ZOLO "stand-alone" alarm system can be connected and disconnected using the remote control included, or a telephone.

The target group is private homes and holiday houses, small companies and mobile units such as construction trailers, boats and caravans.

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2 + 3* year's warranty 

You will get 2 + 3 years warranty on all our Fog Cannon sold after 1 July 2012 and which are registered on our website after your installation.

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