Protect your premises with fog cannon security


PROTECT Fog Cannon is filling the room with thick dense fog in seconds.

Ask your alarm installer about PROTECT Fog Cannon Security System.

PROTECT Fog Cannon is a police prefered product - Secured by Design. This accreditation means that PROTECT meet the rigorous police testing standards to become accredited with the UK Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) initiative SBD.

PROTECT are the first in the industry to comply with and gain all current EU legistaion on security fog protection (EN-50131-8)  see all our approvals here


Fog and burglar   Fog security is the ideal anti-burglary system. In only a few seconds the burglar cannot see what there is to steal. The white, dense fog is of course harmless to humans, animals, electronics and fixtures. Read about PROTECT Fog Security


2 + 3 year warranty   A Danish high-quality product. We offer 5-year warranty on your PROTECT Fog Cannon - at no extra charges (requires online registration). More about 2+3 year warranty - click here


Triple effect   Triple effect. A PROTECT Fog Cannon can be used not only against burglaries and vandalism but also as a part of an attack alarm/panic button-solution. Read more about prevention with a Fog Cannon


A product range for all purposes   A product range for all purposes. Our product range covers every type of room from small server room and ATM's to large shops and warehouses. Read about our Fog Cannon

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ZOLO GSM Security SystemZOLO, the first GSM alarm system which can control a fog cannon wirelessly

NEW! The Zolo GSM Security System can be connected and disconnected using the remote control unit included, or a telephone. 

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QUMULUS_NyQUMULUS: Designed for private residence and exclusive offices

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